Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Everyone, we need to all vote out all of our idiotic leadership in government. ALL incumbants out now. Come on what do you think. These boobs have all had it to good to long, one term and your out. We can do this people. Lets all go vote for new blood next time out.

Monday, February 16, 2009


OK, so let me just say that this whole mess is regretable but it has happened. Now the people of the great state of south carolina should be very concerned. We have a dipshit Gov. and two senators who are railing against recieving any washington monies. They want to cut taxes? These cunts do not have 1/2 a brain between themselves. You know that we all expected this sort of thing from gov. douche and sen. dimwit but damn cusine lindsey. I rekon hangin w/ the insane sen from arizona has you a little outta touch. So, I feel that these monies are going to be distributed anyway so we should try to get as much as possible. For fucks sake, the economy is in the shitter unemployment is escalating we have not recovered from the past tax cuts. Oh yeah - EAT THE RICH!