Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sanford, genius?

So ,our fearless & heartless leader has vetoed 700 + million in stimulus funding. Mostly earmarked for education as I understand it. I rekon Sanford pays to send his kids to private school so why should he care, right? In his infinate wisdom he cites that by ridding the system of gov. waste we would more than make up for the salaries of the hundreds of teachers that will be laid off. Hmm, so in a perfect would there is no gov. waste, good ole boy network & when I discharge I discharge money, right? So we are all still on the hook for these funds that might go else where, thanks gov. douche bag. Your idealogue is killing us, and why do the republicans want you in washington? Gov. douche bag has a low approval rating in a very red state, so I am baffled at his ambition. I fear the day that our own gov. douche bag manages to hood wink enough dumb as republicans to get himself elected (shuddering) president. Keep up the good work, all of you.